Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brownie Trip

Tomorrow afternoon we leave on our Brownie Trip. The camping trip was postponed and we have a new itinerary instead. We are going for an overnight trip to Grand Rapids. I think I may have mentioned it before. Anyhow, I need to get K & I packed for that. Also want to get the house somewhat cleaned up & laundry done too.

I tried out my Yoga DVD I bought on eBay. It's a Leslie Sansone. I hear so many good things about her in the workout world. I think the stretching will do wonders for my back & neck. They always seem to bother me. Anyhow I got the poses down today and will try to do the DVD at least 3-4 times a week. If the weather ever decides what it's doing and warm up, I will start walking outside too.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Finally, the time is about here!

It's 6am....only 45 minutes to go, if I'm lucky. 45 minutes for what you might wonder? Well....45 minutes til my relief gets here and I get to leave this wretched place for about 32 hrs! lol My 7-day, 64 hr stretch is close to being over!!! Then I come back for afternoon shift at 3pm on Monday for 4 days. I just look forward to getting some rest and then getting the neglected house tidied up a bit.

Joe set up an aquarium about a week ago. He had all the parts & pieces except a cover for it and I've been wanting fish, so he got it all put together and we let the water do it's thing for about a week. Night before last we went and bought some fishies. We got 3 fishes, 2 algae eaters and I was lucky to get a froggie too! He's so cute! lol I will try to get some pictures later of the new additions to the family when I'm home & more awake. Joe also got a lid for the tank, so the kitties don't fish for the fishies with their paws! Although Joe said he caught Fluff sitting on top the lid watching the fish!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

No Camping Next Weekend


I'm sad. Found out today at K's Brownie meeting that we were unable to secure reservations for the camping trip next weekend. I was sooooooooooo looking forward to that. BUT instead, the troop leader, S, made reservations for the girls to go to Grand Rapids for an overnight at a hotel. We are going out to eat on our way to GR and then going to a Build A Bear Workshop, then to the Hotel and participate in an activity and then the next day we get to eat breakfast, go swimming, go to Fred Meijer Gardens to the Butterfly Exhibit, eat lunch and then back home. The girls are all excited about the new plans we have. S says we will look at other dates to make reservations for camping. That made me feel a bit better. Funny to think I may have been more disappointed than the girls!

One thing I have to say about working midnight shift is that I get to make all my rounds to my favorite blogs. I have so neglected visiting them up til this past week when I've been able to go regularly. I hope I can keep visiting regularly as my next week starts afternoon shift for 4 days.

Less than 2 hrs left for this shift and then another 12 hr shift tonight & I'm done for about 32 hrs and then back to work at 3pm on Monday. J has the girls this next week til K and I go on the Brownie Trip, then I get L when we get back for overnight Saturday. Then he has them again the next week. GAWD how I wish I had a normal shift so I didn't have to go without my kids so much!

Anyhow, have a great weekend!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Daisy Day

My Daisy Troop 241 earned their very first Brownie Try-It last night at Daisy Day. This is what the try-it looks like:

Art To Wear

They had so much fun! They made bracelets, had their face and/or hand painted, decorated a t-shirt and made masks. The girlies are on their way to becoming Brownies! They will officially bridge in June.

I was looking in the Try-It Badge book last night, trying to get an idea of what try-its are out there and what I will have the girls earn next year. The try-its look like they are going to be very fun and I'm anxious to get this year done & start into next year! :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

What day is this?

Well technically it's Thursday now. But it's my Wednesday night shift I'm working. Still have Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights to go! This shift just kicks my butt unbelievably. I am hoping to get some good sleep tomorrow. I only got about 5 hrs total today. I cancelled my dentist appt cuz I figured I needed sleep more. Then I woke about 1pm and couldn't go back to sleep. Had a Daisy Troop meeting at 3:45 til 5pm. I got to lay down and slept for about 1/2 hr before I had to get up again & get ready for work.

Tomorrow (or should I say, later today)is Daisy Day. My Daisy troop gets to work with a Brownie troop and earn their first Try-It Badge, Art To Wear. It's part of Bridging to Brownies. This should be a fun event. I only have 4 girls, so that makes it a bit easier. I think our school district only has 2 Daisy Troops so maybe a total of 20-25 girls. Not bad.

Friday we have a Brownie meeting (for K's troop). I'm sure we will be talking about our next weekends camping trip. We go to Camp Wacousta for the weekend. We went last year and it was a lot of fun so I look forward to this trip very much! The only difference this year's winter!! Last year we went in the fall, so there was no possibilities of snow or really cold weather. This year is different. But it'll be fun nonetheless!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sunday's Party & Monday

We had a really nice family birthday party for Kimberlee on Sunday. My mom, dad, sisters, one BIL and my nieces & nephew were there along with Joe's mom & sis. We had an excellent lunch and then K got to open her presents. Afterward we had cupcakes & ice cream. A very nice turnout - she's a lucky kiddo.

Yesterday, I got home from work, woke the girls up shortly after 7am and had them get dressed. Then I remembered - hey! today IS K's b-day. So I wished her a Happy Birthday and she was like, "oh - yeah, it is my birthday" - LOL Silly us! She got a nice phone call from her cousin Nicky and also her Aunt Andrea.

Now, she's 9 and has developed selective hearing. Let's hope it's only temporary! ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home Alone!

This is what happens when you leave the dog home alone, unattended with leftover birthday trash in the wastebasket.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cake & Kiddo

Kimberlee's 9th birthday cake. Her party was a Hawaiian theme.

She had a great time, can you tell??

Birthday Party #1

Hello all! Well the day has come. Birthday party #1 for K's friends. Starts at 1pm. We are having a Hawaiian theme. A bright sun pinata, some cool party favor poppers, we are making cat's eyes (craft) and having cake & ice cream. Making some ice cream punch stuff for drinks with the little umbrella's in them. So far only 4 kids RSVP'd but RSVPing is underrated. People don't do that so much anymore, so I'm hoping the other kids do show up. She invited 14 total. We'll see. Joe's sister and mom are coming to help me decorate and throw the party! I have to leave in 1/2 hr to go pick up the girlies and then go pick up K's cake. Then back home to vacuum & dust.

Tonight I have to prepare for tomorrow's party. This one is for family. We are having turkey, mashed taters, carrots, corn & cole slaw. Cupcakes, ice cream. Mom is bringing the turkey, so I'm lucky there.

Have a great day everyone! :) PS - Feels nice to post again! ;)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No OT tonight

Well I worked 15 hrs that other night, when I posted I would be working a double. Last night I worked 11 hrs. And tonight - I don't have to stay over! My co-worker doesn't have to report tomorrow so he will work his own shift tonight. Thank goodness!! But he was picked to serve, which could be up to 2 weeks more, so next week I am covering his midnight shift. Luckily, I don't have to work any doubles....just the regular shift hours.

Saturday my oldest daughter is having her b-day party with friends and then Sunday is b-day party with my family. So busy weekend! We also are getting our GS cookies on Saturday so delivery time!

Be going home within the next hour! Woo hoo!