Saturday, September 13, 2008

Appointment Update - 27 wks, 3 days

My bad! lol I forgot to post about my dr. appt this past Monday.

I met the male doctor in the office finally. There are 5 doctors total and you have to have at least 1 appt with each because you never know who will be on-call when the time comes to deliver. Anyway, Dr. Newman is a very nice doctor!

First off, I got weighed. I gained 4 lbs this past month, which is right on target for what they say they'd like you to gain. My blood pressure was good, 126/80. Then I got to sit and wait. After Dr. Newman came in, he measured my belly and said I was measuring on target. He listened to Charlee's heartbeat, which was about 130 he said. He then told me that my glucose test results were good and I asked about my thyroid re-check and he said that result was good also. I asked him about the heartburn I've been suffering with 24/7 and he prescribed Protonix for me. It's a lifesaver! I'm heartburn free now - YAY! He told me that I'd be coming back in 2 wks! So, now I'm on the downhill for sure. Appointments every 2 wks!

This next week, we'll get the crib and hopefully get that set up. I have a new glider rocker, thanks to my parents. I have a baby swing thanks to one of my online friends. I have a By Your Side infant seat too from another online friend. Also, baby clothes, and some other cool things from online friends.

So, everything is moving along and we are getting more and more excited. Yay!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My girls

Here is a picture of my girlies on their first day of school! They started a new school again this year, since we moved in June. I am hoping this proves to be a better school. I know from what I've read and heard, this is one of the best ones in the area. We are living out in the country, the school is not surrounded by city life, which I I am hoping we made a good decision. I know it's a struggle all parents face when making decisions for their children - was it the right one or not?? We'll see. So far so good. The girls like their teachers and are making friends. K even says she has a boyfriend on day 3! lol

Here is a picture of Charlee's room. It turned out great. Joe and I are both so happy with it. I got it painted last weekend and he put the border up. In the next few weeks, we'll get the crib and get that set up and then some blinds/valances and all will be coming together in hopes it's part way done for the baby shower which is October 11. When you see this room, it just makes it so much more real that we are gonna have a baby! I'm almost 7 months along now and things have been going well. Tomorrow I have another appt, so I'll update after that.

Have a great Sunday!