Friday, June 20, 2008

Random stuff going on....

My appt on June 10 went well. My bloodwork came back good with the exception of my thyroid level being up a bit. The doctor said we'd just re-check it in the future. I believe my due date is December 5th. At least that is what she said. I have my BIG ultrasound scheduled now for July 14th at 8am and hopefully if the baby will cooperate, we can find out if it is a girl or a boy! After my ultrasound, I then have a 9:40am doctor appt.

On June 12th & 13th, we moved to our new house that I believe I had posted a picture previously for. Joe did all the heavy moving as his best friend was unavailable and his so-called friends were sleeping til noon! We still have a lot of unpacking to do, but the house is coming along and I'm so happy to be there now.

Also on June 13th, one of my very best girlfriends got married. I was so honored to be among her limited number of guests. I believe there may have been about 40 that attended. The wedding & reception were beautiful and you could just tell how very happy she and her new husband were. Their vows were written by them and I think choked up everyone in the room! It could not have been a better wedding to have gone to!

Joe started working with his buddy Matt again drywalling. He went to work with him this past Tuesday. Hopefully Matt will be able to keep Joe busy a couple days a week at minimum. The only downfall to it is that Joe has to drive 45 minutes to Matt's house and then if they are going to work for a few days, then Joe stays there so not to have the back & forth expense of gas. So far, this week, it worked out fine.

Since the girls are out of school, the living arrangements get a little switched around. They go stay with their dad during the week and I get them on weekends. So, today after work, I get to drive over an hour & half to go get them, but their dad has to come to our house to pick them up on Sunday. So, it'll work out...I just do not look forward to the drive. But I do look forward to spending time with the girls again. It was very quiet in the house this week with Joe and the girls both gone. Just me and the dogs.

So, there a bit of random things for you to ponder....or forget. lol

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been slacking on updates!

Ok, so I had my appt on May 15. The doc still says that I'm about 1 week later than I thought I was. She gave me a due date of 12/12. The baby is growing and I seen the heartbeat again. I decided that I wanted to have the First Trimester Screening to detect for Downs Syndrome as I'd have another U/S on a better machine & see if they measured the bean about the same as the doc. The doc also gave me a 1 hr glucose order to have done before my next appt which is actually today!

I had the First Trimester Screening done on May 29. The baby looked great and was moving around! Very exciting. The U/S tech let me hear the heartbeat and I had her measure it. It was at 154 that day. She measured the bean and told me that if it were her, she'd keep my due date where it was according to my LMP, which would be about 12/5. But she measured me at 12 wks, 5 days which makes my due date 12/6. lol I'm going with 12/6 for now until someone can convince me otherwise!

Yesterday I went and did the 1 hr glucose test. I am not sure they'd have results today when I go for my appt this afternoon, but at least it's done. Today I should be able to hear the heartbeat again and I'm not sure what else they'll do. I do get to meet one of the other doctors in the office though and probably ask any questions I might have.

So, that's the grand update.