Wednesday, August 29, 2007

4 Month Anniversary!

Wow, can you believe it's been 4 months already??? I sure can't! Time just flies and I'm loving every minute of it! You may ask, what the heck are you talking about woman?!?!?!? Well, I've been at my new job 4 months as of tomorrow 8-30!!! Life is good! Some days are boring. Some days are crazy busy. It's getting to be fall time and there will be a lot of work going on since the weather is cooling down....crazy busy - gotta love it!

Joe had some bloodwork done a couple weeks ago because he's been having some serious migraines. The P.A. gave him some meds to take in the meantime but we get the results on Friday. I'm very anxious to hear what is happening with him.

Tomorrow morning the girls and I tour their new school with a secretary and might get to meet the principal if she is available. This, I know, will help both the girls and me not be as nervous on their first day next Tuesday.

Monday I have an appt with the doctor to get my bloodwork results. Mine are just to monitor my levels since I have high cholesterol and am borderline diabetic. Next Friday I will go for my very first mammogram. I am almost 36 and it's time to have one done, just as a precaution.

Nothing spectacular planned for the Holiday weekend that I am aware of. The girls will be going to their dads on Friday til Monday afternoon, so it'll just be me and Joe.

Last weekend we visited my dad. He is still doing quite well. He knows he needs to gain weight and he has been. He still says things that are totally not current, but we just go with it. He's talkative, alert and seems to remember certain things. I was expecting to have a not-so-great visit because mom said he has been confused and not willing to take his meds without a lot of coaxing...but that's not the dad I seen. I've been very lucky to have good visits every time we go. And we go every other weekend.

Well that's the latest update for us. I hope if you are reading, that all is well in your world!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Red Cross

I'm so proud of myself. Friday, at work, I gave blood for the very first time! Our company sponsored a Blood Drive and since it was right down the hall....I signed up right away when they first announced it. I figured, heck, since I was having labwork done so regularly for so long, I have no fear of needles or being poked or seeing my own blood, I may as well go ahead and GIVE. So I did! I was proud and so were some of my co-workers who found out it was the first time for me. That made me feel good too! :)

In other thoughts...we went and visited my dad this weekend. He is doing much better. The doctor has increased his Effexor and eliminated the Ativan. Dad was showing signs of aggression and so the nurses contacted the doctor who inturn increased the meds. Dad is very talkative now. He may not make a lot of sense but it helps with the visits when he can sit still for a bit and have a conversation. It doesn't have to be a lucrative convo...just the fact that he's talking is good. He isn't sleeping as much during the day and he's eating much better too. So those are all good signs. It just makes me wonder how long it'll take for the diseases (Dementia/Alzheimers/Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) to progress to the point where he'll need the meds increased again. *sigh*

The girls are back up to my moms for the week. We will pick them back up from her next Saturday. So once again, the house is quiet. We had them overnight on Friday. We went to see Hairspray while Joe went to see Transformers and then yesterday drove up to visit my dad and leave them with my mom. My sister & her 2 girls were at my moms too for the weekend, so my girls are getting to play with their cousins while there!

Ok, off like a dirty shirt. Will try to post more often.