Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two weeks later...

And the doctor says all is well. I had my follow-up appt on Thursday (Happy Valentines Day) and the doctor says I've healed fine. She says to still wait a cycle or two before trying to get pregnant again. The pathology report does not indicate anything out of the ordinary in a miscarriage.

Today is Saturday and I got up, went and walked 17 minutes on the treadmill, 3 times I ran 1 minute, then used some of the upper body machines and finally rode 2.3 miles in 12 minutes on the stationary bike. I think a good way to get started. I treated myself to a Tall Non-Fat Mocha from McD's afterward and ran the rest of my errands. Now I'm home cleaning! I'm going to try to get back to WW routine. I would love to lose about 15 lbs before trying to get pregnant again. That is the goal anyway.

Joe had the first appt of the root canal process this morning. He was so nervous he ended up with hives before the appt. He goes on Wed for a cleaning and then I think the next step is the impression for the crown.

Kimberlee has to have a cavity filled on Monday afternoon and then at 6 I have my taxes done. I can't wait. I'm eager to see how much I'll have to pay in this year. I rolled my 401k from my old job into an IRA and then used it to pay off debts (which was a smart move in my opinion). Now the debts are gone and although I'm sure I'll have to pay in, it begins to build my credit again. We received an annual bonus at work, so I am saving that to pay whatever taxes I'll need to. Then the rest will be saved to use when we find a different place to rent. And I hope we do.

Guess I had better get back to cleaning. This was a nice break, but I have a lot to do while everyone is gone. The girls are at Joe's moms for the weekend and Joe is off ice fishing. The sun is shining and the motivation to get this done is here. Better use it!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

After Surgery

Surgery went fine yesterday. The hardest part was the pre-op waiting. The morning seemed to drag on. The girls didn't have school due to the snowfall. I, luckily, had a friend from work that took the day off and she watched the girls while we went to the hospital. It actually was quite weird as the anesthia nurse told me she put something in my I.V. to put me out, I started to feel weird and the next thing I knew the doc was talking to me afterward, waking me up. I had to have her repeat some information she gave me cuz the first time she told me I wasn't totally with it. I experienced some burning afterward, which she gave me some ointment for. But I'm feeling better now.

Not overdoing it, I don't think. Sitting a lot, or laying. But still getting up and doing a little here and there. Joe tends to stay outside a lot, so I do fend for myself, although he tells me to call him if I need him.

So, that's where I'm at now. Relaxing and trying to stay sitting or laying. I go back to work Monday and life starts over again. :)