Saturday, April 29, 2006

6 down...

1 to go...but it's a 12 hr one! I'll make it, just need to sleep all day to do it.

Had to stay up a bit yesterday morning to get K to the doctors for her 9 yr well check. She's a healthy girl!

Got to bed at 11am and was back up at 5. ugh. Joe and I went out to Chinese for dinner & then grocery shopping. So much excitement for a Friday night it was scary! lol

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


As mentioned in the last post, this week I am on midnight shift. Yippee....can you hear the sarcasm?? lol Not only is it midnight shift, but it's my rotation of 7 midnights. ugh. I've also been sick. Had something like the flu, only not the usual results of the flu. My stomach was in knots and my body ached. I slept pretty much all of Tuesday in between getting home from work Tues morning & going back to work Tues night with the exception of 3 hrs. I am feeling pretty good tonight. Thank goodness.

Had a Daisy meeting today. We have 2 more actual meetings and then my girls bridge to Brownies in June. So we are building up to that.

Other than that, all is pretty much well. I had the girls on Monday evening and then again tonight. I'll get them again on Sunday night after I get some sleep and end this shift.

Thanks to those who haven't forgotten me! ;)

Friday, April 21, 2006

A month

Wow, it's been a month since I posted. I'm surprised anyone has commented at all anymore, but Leslie was the one who did last and I figured I better come up for air or no one will come to visit or keep in touch if I don't!

Everything is going well. Working afternoon shift this week but getting out early every day cuz the weather has been sooooo nice! *knock on wood* One day left of this shift and start midnights on Sunday at 7pm.

Today I am going to help at school for K's class. I volunteered to help their "groups" and today is one of my assigned days. So I need to hop in the shower very soon to get ready.

Just a quick update on my WW journey. I've lost a total of 28 lbs since end of September. I'm feeling better. My bloodwork is coming back better. I'm actually getting in some exercise since the weather has been improving!

The girls and Joe are all well too. Joe had a few mishaps at work causing injuries, but he's healing. Girls are growing like bad weeds!!

Ok, enough for now...will post again soon....promise.