Monday, May 12, 2008

Big News....

I guess it's time to break the big news to the public...

We are about 10 1/2 wks pregnant! I had my first appointment on May 1 in which I seen a heartbeat!! YAY! That means the world considering we lost our baby in January. So the doc's u/s machine is older and the picture is quite she measured me at 8 wks and I figured I should be more like 9 wks. She said that when I come back in 2 wks we'll do another u/s and with the baby being bigger it'll be easier to measure. Right now, I'm going on what I think...and that would mean I'd be due around December 4th. My next appointment is this Thursday and I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

BIL and new house update

I guess it's high time I post again. Yeesh, where does the time go??

Update on my BIL: He got his trache removed on the 16th, I think it was. Hard to remember now. But he also got the results from the lymph nodes and unfortunately they showed Thyroid Cancer. But first things first, he had an appt with the radiation oncologist on the 24th and was told he needed to see their dentist before the radiation could begin to make sure that where the radiation was going to take place wouldn't affect his teeth. If it were to affect his teeth, it would also affect his jawbone and would cause enough damage to have the jawbone replaced. On the 28th, they went to see the dentist. He had teeth guards casted at that appt. On the 30th, he had a swallow study and follow up with his surgeon. The feed tube was removed! He's eating a soft diet now and doing well from what I'm told. He is healing amazingly well! Tomorrow, I believe, they are going again to the dentist to make sure the guards fit correctly and he is supposed to be fitted for the helmet for radiation and possibly a trial run of radiation. After this, then the date will be determined for him to begin the 6 wks of radiation treatment. He will be having treatments 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Someone has to stay with him during this time and he has to stay near the hospital, which by the way is 2 1/2 to 3 hrs from their home. Needless to say, my sister got right on it and found someone to stay with him the entire time. It won't be the same person but he will be watched after by her, his 2 sisters and also a family friend. Within the next year, he will have to have thyroid surgery though to have it removed due to the found cancer cells and will then be on thyroid meds for the rest of his life. While this all sounds pretty grim at times, he had such a boost when he passed the swallow study and was able to have his feed tube removed. He's very happy to be on a soft diet and he's getting stronger all the time. Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers...they've been appreciated!

Our move date has been decided. We plan to move on Saturday, June 14th. I wish it were sooner but we need to wait til the girls are out of school. It just gives us more time to get all the painting & fixing done beforehand.

I guess that's a good enough update for now. I'll try to post again soon! I know, promises, promises!