Saturday, June 09, 2007

I think we've got it!

Well, it appears that we are going to be happy renters. Just waiting on the final word from the homeowner. Joe and I met w/the couple last night and somehow, someway, Joe and Brian know each other from funny! Brian talks as if we are good to go on moving in, but Laura, on the other hand, wants to "check" everything out. We've been honest w/our financial past and so we hope it's all still a "go". We asked if we could move in on 6/22 and they said "yes, the sooner the better". So, we have some preparation to do in the next 2 wks but we're ready too.

This coming Thursday is the girls last day of school. Next Sat we have a grad party to go to for my cousin and so we are going to visit my dad also. Sunday is Day Camp Set up and then the 18th-21st is Day Camp. 22nd we hope to get a rental truck and move! 23rd is my nephew's b-day we'll be going to that too. It's a busy time, but it'll all be good as long as I don't get anxious about it all.

Update on my dad. My mom feels in her heart that his disease is progressing. It's very sad. But we are enjoying the visits when we get up there. Not much more to tell.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Brighter Day

Ok, so the next morning I tried to wake up with a renewed faith. And it worked...I mean, I am still bummed of the situations we've faced and they haven't worked, but I'm trying not to let that get me down overall.

We just have to continue our search for a rental home. They are out's just a matter of getting someone to rent to us with our credit situation.

My aunt from Texas flew in on Tuesday to see my dad. She is staying til tomorrow. We went up to see her, my mom & dad on Thursday and today they are coming down (my mom & aunt) to spend the night so mom & I can take her to the airport tomorrow. I'm just glad she got to see my dad. It's been since June 1988 since she's been to Michigan.

And I want to say congratulations to my friend Sara, who became a grandma this week!!! Yay! I'm so glad mom & baby are doing so well!

Ok, off to the grocery store!