Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's only been 5 days

since I posted last - wow, can you believe it??

Tomorrow starts Bow season. Joe is off over to a friends mom's house to go hunting with them in the morning. He's so excited! I hope he gets a buck tomorrow!! We can use the venison!

Working 12 hr shifts this weekend. I get Monday off but believe me, I have running to do. Joy. Dentist appt for me and then I have a meeting at the school too. Kinda glad I don't have a Brownie meeting this week. Can get caught up and ready for the next one on the 11th, although we do have an event we are going to on the 7th.

Have a important meeting with my boss & his boss on Tuesday to decide what I'm going to do since I can't work swing shift anymore. My doctor is recommending I get off of this type of shift and so I'm going to see what I can do about it. Wish me luck, as I'm not sure how it will all go.

Ok, I'm needing to get to bed. I have another 12 hr shift tomorrow!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Doing better

I'm doing much better today. I've just decided that when someone asks me for something (I'm talking about the ones that ask all the time) I'm going to say what are you gonna do for me in return. I deserve a little attention too!

I'll post again soon....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What am I getting??

That's what I want to know. What am I getting out of my life?? You may not want to read this post because I have some feelings that I am just going to lay out there because I'm having them and need to vent.

I go to work. Most of you know I work swing shift which means my hours change weekly. I try to sleep. Not always well when I work midnights and usually cut short when I work other shifts because of the needs of my children. I still have to make dinner, vacuum, dust, clean toilets, pick up dirty laundry, do the laundry, fold clothes, put clothes away, deal with my ex over the kids, pay all the bills, take care of the childrens needs and what am I getting from all of this?? What?? Because I don't have a clue. I give and I give and I give some more. What do I get?? I had to use my stinkin birthday money just to buy groceries. I'm tired & angry all the time. At least I feel that I am. I'm not a nice person lately and I hate it. I hate it. Something has got to change.

I'm just so frustrated with these feelings. I don't know what to do about them, that is why I'm hoping journaling them will help. It's just one thing after another...everyone needs or wants a piece of me and my time but what am I getting out of all of this??

I give. That's my fault. I don't want to stop giving, that's not my personality...but I give so much I put myself in very bad spots. And now I'm just living a very angry life.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Still a sicko....

um...not what you are thinking! lol

I'm still sick. I was hoping just letting it run it's course would work, but I think I'm gonna have to take something for this cold. If I'm not careful, I'll lose my voice and then when I get back to work on Monday, I won't be able to be heard! For some, that might be fine, but in my job, I need to be heard! lol

Last midnight shift is almost over. Next week is day shift. I'll be meeting with my boss to see about finding me a different position. Either in my department or the company. I can't work swing shift any more. My doctor recommends I get off of it for health reasons. I realize it's true, more and more every day since she told me that is what I NEED to do. So, just pray that my meeting goes well. With a position change, there will be many more changes. Bear with me through all of them. As things change, I'll keep you all up to date - those that still stop by to see if I am still in existence!

This weekend we are having lunch on Saturday with Joe's mom & sis. It's to celebrate my past birthday. Sunday K has a b-day party to go to. That's really it for the excitement. I do have cleaning to do as well. Maybe a trip to goodwill to get rid of some things.

Next week we have a Girl Scout event Tuesday night & then our first Brownie meeting of the year. I'm a bit nervous because I have a lot of ground to cover with the parents that day. But as far as the kids go, the first meeting will be about getting to know each other and having fun so they'll want to come back. I had one girl register the other night. I have to contact a couple girls moms over the weekend and then get an "invitation" ready to go out to all the 1st grade girls to come on Wednesday to our meeting.

Anyhow, have I rambled on enough yet. Must be what being sick does to me. lol

Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Birthday

to me! It's my 35th birthday! Wow...where has the time gone?

Here's the exciting plans....

1) Go home after work
2) Get girls ready for school & on bus
3) Go to bed
4) Get up, get girls off bus
5) Go get license plate tabs renewed
6) Take nap
7) Go to work will I be able to stand all the excitement??