Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend is here!

And thank goodness. I'm looking forward to a little "me" time in the next few days. It's Saturday and what we'd like to do is go to Kensington Metro Park for the Colonial Kensington days. Not sure if we'll make it though because of the weather. If its too hot, there is just no way we'll go. But it starts at 10am, so we might just luck out. We'll see. And Lindsay gets back tonight from her Cedar Point trip with her BFF, Alex. Alex and her mom were gracious enough and asked Lindsay to go with them. They were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and going to Cedar Point. I'm sure Lindsay had a ball!

Sunday Lindsay and I are going to Marshall to the Calhoun County Fair. Kimberlee is showing Oscar this year there. So, I will either dropping Lindsay off at her dads house or we will be joining the others at the fairgrounds. Sunday night I get to stay in Marshall at the Holiday Inn :) That ought to be interesting....I probably won't know what to do! lol

Monday Kimberlee is showing Oscar so I'll be at the fairgrounds for most of the day. Then I will travel back home that night. Tuesday is "kids" day at the fair, so my mother in law, Charlee, Joe and I will go back as Kimberlee shows again and my "big kid Joe" can ride rides too.

Wednesday and Thursday is back to work and then Thursday afternoon is the dentist. Thursday evening, my mother in law, Charlee and I will be going back to Marshall for the next few days. We'll be back home Saturday evening.

So, I'm really glad the weekend is here. Although it sounds like I'll be awfully busy this next week, I look forward to this because I really think it'll be fun. This is my vacation away from home basically, even though I'll be home for part of it.

Will try to update as the weekend/week goes by.

Ta ta for now!

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