Thursday, August 19, 2010

Proud Momma

I'm one proud momma.
I'm proud of Kimberlee for doing such a great job on Monday and Tuesday at the fair!

Monday she received:
1) a ribbon for the animal exhibit
2) an 8th place ribbon in Western Fitting & Showing
3) a 3rd place ribbon in Walk/Trot Equitation
4) a 2nd place ribbon in Walk/Trot Pleasure

Tuesday she received:
1) a 7th place ribbon in Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship
2) a 5th place ribbon in Walk/Trot Western Pleasure
3) a 2nd place ribbon in Walk/Trot Trail

Wednesday she was ready to compete in the Dressage class and Oscar, her beloved horsey, decided he wanted to do things his way. Kim said she was in an extended trot and all of a sudden Oscar decided he wanted to canter. Well, Kim hasn't worked with him enough to canter and he headed for the dressage fence. Kim ended up falling off of him. She's fine but she sure did give me a scare considering I wasn't there and I had to rely on her dad for information. So, she scratched the other 2 classes she was supposed to ride in on this day and she scratched for today too. It's probably better this way because some horses just do not like to be in stalls for 4-5 days straight and Oscar is one of them. He gets antsy and then things like this happen.

Anyhow, I'm still a very proud momma! K did great for her 2nd year showing!

Love you K!

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